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Imaginative,  Immersive,  Interactive

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Family Camping Games - Where Imagination Meets Adventure

Ocean Games Logo
Ocean games is your one stop shop for all kids club resources and programmes.
We have a range of holiday back packs for children and families which have all your craft, games and activities needed for your next holiday. We also have free e-books and blogs that will give you great ideas for entertaining your children. At Ocean Games, we're more than just a store – we're a gateway to endless family adventures.

Ocean Games Vision/Mission

Ocean Games exists with the desire to create imaginative, interactive, and immersive games and activities for kids and the whole family. We believe that families that play together, stay together. We are committed to facilitating opportunities through our blog, free giveaways, and our online store, featuring camping toys for kids, craft kits, fun camping games for families, board games, and many more. 


There is something for everyone. We also have the kids club packages with complete game kits, crafts, and programs. Come check us out!

Reaching others

10% of all profits go directly to South African children and families. Providing activities and resources for children to have fun.  Your money goes to building jungle gyms and playgrounds and donating toys, in poorer communities cross Johannesburg.  

The jungle gym built at the Police flats, SophiaTown allowed 100's of children with no playground at all to enjoy themselves.

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Family Camping Games: Unleash the Fun Together

Family Camping Games: Unite for Adventure

Looking for quality time with your loved ones? Our family camping games are designed to foster togetherness and create lasting bonds. Whether it's a thrilling scavenger hunt, a friendly competition, or a night of stargazing, these games are the perfect recipe for family fun.

Ocean Games: Your Adventure Awaits

When you visit Ocean Games, you're stepping into a world of endless possibilities. Our website is your gateway to the most imaginative camping games for kids and the whole family. Explore our wide range of products, including camping toys for kids, craft kits, and board games, all carefully selected to bring joy and excitement to your home.

Craft Kits for Young Explorers

Our craft kits for kids are the ultimate source of inspiration. Let your little artists unleash their creativity with felt art, rock art, paper plates, sand art, and scratch art. These kits are not just activities; they're opportunities for your child to express themselves and create beautiful masterpieces.

Board Games: Bonding Through Play

Looking for a classic family bonding experience? Dive into our collection of board games that promise endless hours of laughter and friendly competition. From "Around Down Under" to "Pyramid Attack," our board games are perfect for bringing the whole family together.

Ocean Games Blog: Your Source of Inspiration

Explore our blog for a treasure trove of creative ideas, tips, and stories that will make your family adventures even more special. Whether you need tips for setting up a campsite or want to discover the best camping games for kids online, our blog has you covered.

Giving Back: Making Smiles Across Johannesburg

At Ocean Games, we believe in the power of play. That's why 10% of all our profits go directly to South African children and families. With your support, we build jungle gyms and playgrounds, donate toys, and provide resources for children to have fun in poorer communities across Johannesburg. Your purchase from Ocean Games for family camping games and other products is an opportunity to bring joy to those who need it most. Join our club and make a difference!

Discover the magic of Ocean Games today!

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